Lina Nääs

As a child I used to flick my fingers through my mothers beautiful dresses. There was a specific one,
a raspberry-pink silk dress that my grandmother got engaged in 1946. I loved that dress.
Later I inherited my grandmothers prom- and wedding dress from the Forties.

Those pieces inspired me to start my slow fashion brand.
Where my wish and intention is to come back to guarding our clothes as a piece of art.
As something that carries a story and is of great value for us and will be for the next generations.
Something to love.


Is a one person show!
Lina Nääs is a textile artist and the designer and dyer of the creations FJLN
A sustainable slow-fashion brand aiming for zero waste, deeply connected to our nature.
We follow the seasons and in spring/summer there will be more of plant dyeing and as we move towards the fall/winter we are using more from our organic food diversity and mineral world.
There is days and weeks of experimentation and there is order within the chaos in the creation.

Each piece of clothing is hand dyed in alchemical processes up to 10 times. Layers of rose petals and flowers, rust and organic food waste are some of the steps to create the item. One of a kind high end fashion and customized to order.
We use organic silk and non toxic colors from our earth.


We thrive to aim for zero waste and reduce our footprint in the textile industry. At the factory all cuttings are kept tight and later brought to our studio where it is used for testing dyes and to make ribbons for packages.

Each item is dyed in approximately 5 liters of water. The dye water is reused to create a paler tone for another piece and finally bottled up. We use the rests in various ways such as detail dying, dip dye or add into a new dye bath. Some bottles are gifted to painter who add the natural dye to white paint to create shades.

Our silk pieces are suggested limited washing , to save both your clothing and the waters of our earth. You can preferably spot clean, try airing them, or hand wash in a small amount of water. Hang and let the air gently dry your item.

This is fashion for generations. Meaning the cut of the item is a classic and timeless, it will always be in style as we don’t follow trends. If you however stop loving your FJLN, please donate to someone or send it back to us. Primary the item will be re-dyed and sold secondhand on our webpage. Secondary recycled and broken down into something else, perhaps a pillowcase or a tote bag.

Not far from our Sweden based studio our garments are made in a socially responsible factory in Tallin. We have visited the factory and all employees are of age with fare wages. We have a close and friendly relationship and all our pieces are ”Traced From Fabric To Final ” meaning we know where the finished fabric has come from to where the garment has been cut and stitched.